Best Side Hustles To Make Extra Money

best side hustles

By John Atkins

Sometimes you just need to make some extra money. 

In the last few years, many people have turned to the sharing economy to help them make that extra money. However, the sharing economy requires that you have an asset like a car or a home to share, and not everyone has those things. 

In lieu of that fact, here are 4 side hustles that don’t require a car or living space to make extra money. 

Side Hustle #1: Custom Craftsmanship

If you’re a craftsman, maker, or artist, then doing custom crafting for people might be the perfect side hustle for you. 

A great place to find work is through a website called

As their website says, “Dun4Me is the marketplace for custom made items built to your exact specifications by talented makers. Get bids for Free, No Obligation!”

Kyle Riggen uses Dun4Me to help him make extra cash. Kyle is the owner of BurnTables, an Austin, Texas area company that manufactures American Made CNC Plasma tables with OEM (original equipment manufacturer) performance and capabilities. He says that he uses Dun4Me to “bid on jobs I know I can do.” Kyle also says that Dun4Me is very easy to use. 

So if you're like Kyle and are a pro at custom craftsmanship then check out Dun4Me to make a little extra money. 

Side Hustle #2: Graphic Design

Not everyone has the skills or creativity to do graphic design, but if you do then you should post your talents online to start having companies and people pay you for your talents. 

Director of Content and Social Media Strategist at Spiralgroup, Lian Amaris says that her mantra after falling in-between jobs in San Francisco in 2011 was “whatever you need done, I can do it.” 

Amongst a slew of side hustles including being a Vegas-style showgirl for area events and data mining, Lian says that she “designed one-off logos and event postcards for friends-of-friends who knew my situation.” 

However, you don’t have to know friends-of-friends to have your creative design talent used, you can create a profile on Fiverr or Task Rabbit to meet people who need design projects done for a price that you and the client will decide on. 

Side Hustle #3: Pet Sitting / Dog Walker

If you’re more of a pet person than you are a people person, then you could become a professional pet sitter or dog walker to make extra cash. 

Lori A. Moore, an adjunct professor, says that she’s tried all types of side hustles and there’s pretty much nothing that she wouldn’t try to make extra money. She said that recently she was paid to “pet sit for a neighbor.” 

If you search for Pet Sitter or Dog Walker jobs on google, you’ll find results for a variety of different national and local companies that specialize in helping pet owners find qualified pet people to look after or walk their pets. 

Side Hustle #4: Telephone Psychic

How good are you at predicting people’s futures? How good are you at pretending to predict people’s futures? If your storyteller skills are as good and believable as you think they are then being a telephone psychic might be the perfect side hustle for you. 

David Llewellyn aka Desert Dave, an outdoor writer for the Hampshire Review, says that his oddest, odd job was working as a telephone psychic. 

Desert Dave says that getting the job was much easier than he expected. “I was reading the want ads, looking for something part time and came across an ad with rather unusual in wording. It took a minute to decipher what it was. I called the lady and said, ‘I feel you are searching for someone special; someone who knows what is to be and what was…, etc’ and she giggled and said, ‘Oh, honey, you’re hired,’” says Dave.

If you're a great storyteller and have the will to tell people their future then being a telephone psychic might be for you. 

There are many more side hustles that don't require you to have a car or living space and will generate tons of cash for you. These are only the tip of the iceberg.

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John Atkins was the community manager for Self.

Written on September 27, 2016

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