By Jeff Smith

Anxious, overwhelmed and frustrated are some of the top sentiments people are feeling because of the coronavirus pandemic.

We asked 2,000 Americans about the state of their financial health during April of 2020 in a survey conducted on our behalf by OnePoll. View a summary of findings in the graphic below or download the complete Self Financial COVID19 survey results here.

Many respondents said their federal coronavirus relief money would go toward essentials like groceries, utilites and household products while about a quarter said they needed the money to make rent or pay their mortgage. A third said they would put the money into savings.

More than half of respondents said the pandemic was causing them to re-evaluate their political priorities. Half or more said health care issues and government response to COVID-19 would be important considerations as the country heads toward the national election in November.

COVID-19 Affecting American Finances

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Jeff Smith is the VP of Marketing at Self Financial.

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Written on April 27, 2020
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