iPhone Price Index

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Since its launch in 2007, iPhone prices have increased by 70% across the globe. This means that in 2019, the new iPhone costs about $496 more to buy than it used to.

To track these changes, we created the iPhone Price Index to show the launch price of each flagship iPhone model across the world and how much the phones cost locally as a percentage of GDP (PPP) per capita. By going back to the first iPhone (remember those?), we mapped where in the world each flagship phone has been most expensive, both through each year since launch and collectively.

The result? Data that shows just how much more expensive the iPhone has become in comparison to the rise in the cost of living on a local scale (GDP PPP).

Use our interactive map below to find out how iPhone costs have changed country-to-country over the years. Note where in the world Apple prices have risen most from the viewpoint of the people who live there, and conversely, where the rising price of flagship iPhones haven’t been felt as harshly.

A few notes about our data model:


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