We're helping thousands of people build a strong financial future

Self is helping thousands of people begin their financial journey with a credit builder account. We understand that building a financial foundation is a daunting task for most people, so we're dedicated to building a product that will help our customers move two steps in the right direction.

Technology + Honesty + You

We believe strongly that a customer's success is tied to a variety of factors beyond just a financial product. We treat our customers the way we would like to be treated — and we're striving for a fanatical customer experience through honesty, great technology, and a great team dedicated to help you succeed.

Building Self

We are hardworking, passionate, financial geeks. Building credit and building savings used to be mutually exclusive goals. With Self, we've created a responsible way for people to build credit and savings at the same time.

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Meet Our Team

Joanna F.

Customer Success Lead

Jorge Vivanco

Compliance Manager

Olivia He

Associate Software Engineer

Mason Hunter

Associate Software Engineer

Andy Helms

Design Lead

Brian Vitone

VP Compliance

Matthew Gaba

Software Engineer

Lauren Jackson

Content Marketing Manager

Reesa S.

Customer Success Manager

Philip Baggett

Lead Software Engineer

Carl Bai

Software Engineer

Brandon Hines

Lead Software Engineer

James Garvey

CEO and Co-Founder

Bria P.

Customer Success Specialist

Clayton Lin

Associate Software Engineer

Austin Lilley

Director of Analytics

Gaby Lopez

Engineering Manager

Breanna Lopez

Compliance Analyst

Anthony DiChiara

CSO and Co-Founder

Kristin Faner

Software Engineer

Alejandro Fautsch

Senior Data Infrastructure Engineer

Kelvin Pho

VP Engineering

Osama Ahmed

Business Intelligence Analyst

Cristine Castillo

Retention Marketing Manager

Brian Tseng

Associate Software Engineer

David Hawkes

Compliance Analyst

David Riley

Product Manager

Lauren Collamore

Compliance Analyst

Karthic Hariharan

Engineering Manager

Rob Corcoran

Director of Finance

Kshitija Karkar

Software Engineer

William Kuk

Senior Software Engineer

Brett Billick


Habbo Engelke

Software Engineer

David Yoakum

Software Engineer

Katrina H.

Customer Success Specialist

Jeffrey Smith


James Kim

Associate Security Engineer

Zachary H.

Customer Success Specialist

Timothy Kurtz

Director of Performance Marketing

Our Community

The Self team is based in downtown Austin, Texas.