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How it works

Build credit while saving money, starting at $25^ per month.

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Apply for a Credit Builder Account.

Your money is safe and secure.

No hard pull on your credit.

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Pay off your Credit Builder Account in the specified amount of time.

You can choose the payment term and dollar amount that best fits your budget.

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Each on-time monthly payment builds credit history and adds to your savings.

Your monthly payments are reported to all three credit bureaus.

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Unlock your savings.

Once you’ve paid off your Credit Builder Account, your CD unlocks and the money is yours (minus fees and interest).


Icon No Hard Pull

No hard pull

There is no hard pull on your credit when applying for a Self Credit Builder Account.
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Automate payments

Autopay can help you stay on track without worrying about due dates.
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Track your credit score

Watch how your score changes over time – at no extra cost.
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Reports to all 3 bureaus

Every payment is reported to all three credit bureaus.
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Cancel anytime

We know making payments isn’t always easy. That’s why you can cancel at any time and get your savings progress back, minus interest and fees.
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Keep building with The Self Visa® Credit Card

A Self Credit Builder Account can get you access to the Self Visa Credit card in as little as 3 months* with no hard pull on your credit.
*Terms subject to change
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What does it cost?

We offer 4 credit builder plans plans to fit your goals and your budget.
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Payment history makes up 35% of your credit score^^^

Self can help. By opening a Credit Builder Account and making your monthly payments on time, you can build positive payment history.

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Trusted Security

We use 256-bit AES encryption and are a SOC 1 type 2 compliant organization.

Real people, real results

Over 600,000 people have signed up to build credit with Self.

Overall satisfaction rating based on 1,031 ratings from actual customers.

"This really works...and pretty quick, too!! Score jumped 118 points in 4 months."

Cynthia C

"Love love love this program and this app! In eight months my credit went up a hundred and nine points. Super happy and can't wait to renew once the first year is up."

Debbie G

"I recently moved to the states and had no established credit. Using this service along with two prepaid credit cards, my score went from 4 - 710 in 9 months."

Neil M

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Benefits of a Credit Builder Account

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Convenient and available in all 50 states.

Unlike most credit unions, Self is available online and via our mobile app.

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Build Payment History & Credit.

Self helps you establish payment history, which is key to building credit.

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Path to a secured credit card.

Unlock access to the Self Visa® Credit Card.

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Take control of your credit today.

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