MoneyTok, Money Influencers: What Advice Is Good Advice?

September 11, 2023
Social media is full of “verified” money gurus. So, how do you separate the legit tips from the duds? Understanding the difference between credible and questionable financial advice requires two separate skills, and we break them both down.
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U.S. National Debt Under Biden Self FinancialU.S. National Debt Under Biden
September 1, 2023
The U.S. national debt has changed during Biden's presidency, but just how much has the debt changed, and what has affected the debt during his presidency? Read more.
How Often Should You Check Your Credit Score?How Often Should You Check Your Credit Score?
August 29, 2023
If you're wondering how often you should check your credit score and when is a good time to do it, check out this guide to learn more. Read more.
DES-475Why Building Credit Is Important for the LGBTQ+ Community
August 9, 2023
Building credit is one of the top financial priorities amongst the LGBTQ community. Credit may be even more crucial to this group because major life events, like transitioning and IVF require credit if you cannot pay out of pocket. Read more.
DES-449-2How to Manage Your Money in the Gig Economy
August 4, 2023
When your income goes up and down every month, it might feel like a nearly impossible task to stick to a budget. Here are some pointers on how to budget when you have multiple streams of income. Read more.
How to Get Approved for a Car LoanHow to Get Approved for a Car Loan
July 24, 2023
Find out how to get approved for a car loan if you're buying a new or used car on finance, and put yourself in a better position to qualify for an auto loan. Read more.
Trading in a Car with a LoanTrading in a Car with a Loan
July 14, 2023
If you're considering trading in a car with a loan balance still outstanding, here's what you need to know first to make sure you protect your finances and credit. Read more.
DES-423 3Venus Retrograde in 2023: The Dos and Don'ts for Your Financial Well Being
June 26, 2023
Venus retrograde means the planet of money and security isn’t working at its full potential, as it is slowing down so we can revisit what needs to be reevaluated. This is the time to retrace your steps when it comes to your financial well being. Read more.
Self what is a secured credit cardWhat Is a Secured Credit Card and How Does It Work?
June 12, 2023
A secured credit card is a type of financing that requires a cash deposit, but how exactly does it work? And could a secured credit card be right for you? Read more.
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