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Have an open Credit Builder Account and meet our eligibility requirements*

*Subject to change
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Make 3 monthly payments on time
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Have $100 or more in savings progress
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Have your account in good standing
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One Hundred Dollars
You choose what portion of your savings progress ($100 or more) is used to secure your card and set your limit.
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Once you've set your limit, confirm that your card will be sent to the right location and place your order.
Card in the Mail
Receive your card in the mail and activate to start using it wherever Visa credit cards are accepted in the U.S.
Clock at 2pm
Monitor your spending activity and always try to pay on time and in full.

Card benefits

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Responsible use of the card touches on three major credit factors that make up 75%* of your credit score: The amounts you owe, the average age of your accounts, and your payment history.
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Your Credit Builder Account savings progress secures your Self credit card and sets your limit.
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Accounts in good standing may have opportunities to increase the credit limit over time.
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Your card can be used everywhere Visa credit cards are accepted in the U.S.
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What people are saying about the Self Visa® Credit Card

”This app works! I'm building my credit & saving at the same time. Not to mention I just got the credit card, i'm so excited. 63 point boost and it's only been 4 months.”
Keonna Q.
”I absolutely love self! I have not been able to get approved for any type of credit builders/cards/secured cards, and then I finally found self! Thanks to them, after I made 3 on time payments, I was able to get approved for a secured visa credit card. On top of all that, before I made three on time payments to get approved for my card, I got my score up from a 0 into the 600’s in a matter of months. Thank you so much self!”
”This app is truly amazing. I had started to build credit by opening my first secure credit card & getting a self account.. both of those things have helped my gain 80 points in 3 month - 4 months. In another few months I’ll should be at 700+!”
Geovanny V.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a hard inquiry to get the Self Visa Credit Builder Card?

No, this is a secured credit card with no hard credit check.

How much will my credit improve by using Self's secured credit building credit card?
Similar to a credit builder loan, the Self credit builder card could help you improve your credit, but it depends on how you use it and what else is happening in your unique credit history. We cannot guarantee that you will have good credit right away when using a credit builder credit card. Results vary. In general, though, the Self secured credit card, like any credit card, affects 3 major parts of your credit score: the amounts you owe, the average age of your accounts and your payment history (source: ). These factors can have a great influence on your credit report in the future.
Does Self Financial offer guaranteed approval for its secured credit builder credit card?

Getting access to the Self credit card is different from other credit cards. Instead of an application and approval process, Self customers can become eligible to open a Self Visa Credit Card. We can’t guarantee you will become eligible for the credit builder card. But once you meet the eligibility requirements, the choice is yours whether to open the Self Visa Credit Card account.

Can I be denied for Self's secured credit building credit card?

No, you can’t be rejected or turned down for the credit builder card because there isn’t an application process like other credit cards. Instead, you must meet the eligibility criteria, and once you meet the criteria, you choose if you want to open this secured credit card or not. (Note: it is possible to become ineligible if you no longer meet the minimum eligibility requirements.)

How do I apply for the Self Visa Credit Card?

First, you must have an open and active Self Credit Builder Account. Then, you have to meet the eligibility criteria mentioned above for our credit builder cards.

What is the credit limit for the Self secured card?

The minimum credit limit is $100.

Can I increase my credit limit once I have the Self secured credit card?

Yes, you will have the opportunity to increase your credit limit as you make each monthly payment on your Credit Builder Account and keep the account in good standing.

Can I get Self’s secured credit card if I have bad credit or poor credit?

Yes. The whole mission of Self Financial is to help people build credit and save money. That’s why our credit builder card can be a great way to improve poor credit. This secured credit card was designed for people whose credit is bad or poor (as defined by FICO) and is meant to be another tool for you to use to work on improving your credit.

Can I use the Self secured credit card to establish my credit history if I have no credit?

Yes. It can be difficult to build credit with no credit to start with. In order to get access to the credit card, you need to have an active Credit Builder Account in good standing (among other eligibility requirements) with your lender. It's OK if you have no credit when you open the Credit Builder Account (it's meant to help establish your credit history). By the time you become eligible for the Self Visa Credit Card, you will have already established some credit history simply by opening and making payments on your Self Credit Builder Account. Make sure you make timely payments as a single late payment on your credit card account can jeopardize your overall score. The credit card is meant to be another tool you can use to build your credit history and establish a good credit score.

Is the Self Visa® Credit Card a prepaid card?

No. It might seem like a prepaid card because it has a security deposit to secure your credit line. Prepaid cards are actually very different. See our blog post about whether prepaid cards build credit to learn more.

What is the minimum deposit for the Self secured credit card?

The minimum security deposit is $100.

Does the Self secured credit card report to major credit bureaus?

Yes, the Self Visa Credit Card reports to the three major credit bureaus in the U.S.

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