Self Financial Strengthens Commitment to Creating Credit Access with Strategic Partnership Program

Published on: 09/07/2022

The company is collaborating with brands including Propel and to provide credit building opportunities for their customers

AUSTIN, Texas (September 7, 2022) - Self Financial, a leading fintech company that makes building credit and savings more accessible, and is the official credit building app of the San Antonio Spurs, debuted a strategic partnership program focused on extending credit building opportunities to American consumers through collaborations with like-minded, mission-driven companies. Self is now serving customers of Propel, a software company that creates platforms for low income Americans to manage their finances, and, the largest independent scholarship provider in the country.

“Self is a credit building platform designed to help consumers achieve their goals of building credit and enjoy the benefits that a higher score can provide, like access to credit cards and lower interest rates, the ability to buy a car, own a home and so much more,” said Chris LaConte, Chief Strategy Officer at Self. “Through partnerships with companies like Propel and we’re working to create more opportunities to conveniently build credit in tandem with services consumers are already using.”

Self’s suite of products include its flagship Credit Builder Account, which enables customers to build credit and savings simultaneously, the secured Self Visa® Credit Card, and a subscription that builds credit through rent, cell phone and utility payments. Self is the first company enabling consumers to sign up to have their rent payments reported to all three major credit bureaus.

Self is a credit building solution for Propel’s consumer finance app, Providers, which helps over 5 million Americans manage a range of benefits including unemployment, food stamps and disability, saving money and earning income. Additionally, Self will be offered as a resource on to potentially help millions of students build their credit while they focus on getting out of student debt.

"A large segment of our users have credit card debt and feel trapped with low credit scores - we're excited to partner with Self to provide an accessible way for them to build their credit," said Jimmy Chen, CEO of Propel.

“There are many different paths to achieving good credit scores, and Self provides a great option for the millions of members joining us in our mission of fighting student debt,” said Dror Liebenthal, CEO of

For more information, visit, or contact to learn about Self’s affiliate program.

About Self Financial
Self Financial, the official credit building app of the San Antonio Spurs, is a credit building platform working to increase economic inclusion and financial resilience through products that make building credit accessible. With no hard credit check to get started, Self's signature Credit Builder Account and secured Self Visa® Credit Card issued by its partner banks are designed to enable people to build credit and savings simultaneously. The company also offers rent and utility payment reporting through RentTrack and LevelCredit, which Self acquired in February 2022. Download the Self app at the Apple App Store (200,000+ reviews and an average 4.9 rating) or Google Play or visit for more information.

About Propel
Propel's mission is to build a stronger social safety net to enable low-income Americans to improve their financial health. Their free app, Providers, is used by millions of Americans across the country each month. Propel is a for-profit company whose supporters include nonprofits, mission-oriented investors, and top-tier venture capitalists: Robin Hood Foundation, Omidyar Network, Andreessen Horowitz, Nyca Partners, and Kleiner Perkins. Propel is based in Brooklyn, N.Y.

About is the largest independent scholarship provider in the country. The organization provides a platform for any person or company to create personalized scholarships, fellowships or grants. is committed to relieving the country’s soaring student debt crisis through democratizing philanthropy. The company offers an innovative and philanthropic solution to combat the student debt crisis, which has tremendously impacted 44 million Americans to date.


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Written on September 7, 2022
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