Top 75 most influential finance blogs

By John Atkins
Published on: 08/15/2016

Here at Self we are continually striving to provide the best content and information on finance, but it's important that we give credit to the other phenomenal and influential financial blogs out there.

We've compiled a list of our top 75 personal financial blogs that we deem to be the best of the best.

First up are the blogs that made the top 5 in our list.

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#1 Wise Bread

The first on our list! From personal finance to frugal living, Wise Bread offers some of the best advice. It not only offers insights into the finance world, but also offers general life tips and hacks. Wise Bread finds a great topic and finds all quality relevant articles that you should read. All finance blogs should take a page from their book.

#2 Quizzle

The runner up, Quizzle, a company that provides free credit reports, credit scores, and quality financial tools, also has an excellent blog which is a great resource.

#3 Credit Karma

Credit Karma's TV ads are great, and its content is even better. Credit Karma, the famed provider of free credit scores, has a content section that explains complicated credit and financial concepts. With over a 100 articles and counting, you will never run out of interesting articles to read.

#4 Nerd Wallet

Nerd Wallet offers a full range of financial content in a beautiful format. It's simple, yet stunning website with easy navigation, is one of the reasons why so many users love it. Nerd Wallet offers great suggestions that will ultimately improve your life. Being a financial nerd is now the new “cool”.

#5 Money Saving Mom

A mom of three, a devout believer, and a financial wizard, Crystal Paine has turned her blog, Money Saving Mom, into one of the most popular and followed financial blogs out there. She has a vast amount of topics from managing your money, to coupons, and even to recipes, she truly is the ultimate mom. She offers a unique, critical, and charming perspective that will leave you excited about life.

Rank Website Twitter
1 Wise Bread @wisebread
2 Quizzle @quizzle
3 Credit Karma @creditkarma
4 Nerd Wallet @nerdwallet
5 Money Saving Mom @moneysavingmom
6 I Will Teach You To Be Rich @ramit
7 Money Crashers @moneycrashers
8 The Simple Dollar @trenttsd
9 Money Ning @moneyning
10 Bargain Briana @bargainbriana
11 Christian Personal Finance @christianpf
12 Deal Seeking Mom @dealseekingmom
13 Money Under Thirty @moneyunder30
14 Penny Pinchin' Mom @PennyPinchinMom
15 Mom Advice @momadvice
16 Bargaineering @bargainr
17 Mr. Money Mustache @mrmoneymustache
18 Budgets Are Sexy @BudgetsareSexy
19 Good Financial Cents @jjeffrose
20 Modest Money @ModestMoney
21 How to Get Out of Debt @GetOutOfDebtGuy
22 Common Sense With Money @CommnSenseMoney
23 Bible Money Matters @MoneyMatters
24 My Money Blog @mymoneyblog
25 Moolanomy @moolanomy
26 Squawkfox @squawkfox
27 PT Money @ptmoney
28 The Penny Hoarder @thepennyhoarder
29 Consumer Queen @ConsumerQueen
30 DailyWorth @dailyworth
31 Pocket Your Dollars @carrierocha
32 Laura D Adams @LauraAdams
33 Everything Finance @allfinance
34 Free From Broke @freefrombroke
35 20 Something Finance @ge_miller
36 Ask Liz Weston @lizweston
37 The College Investor @CollegeInvestin
38 Money Smart Life @moneysmart
39 The Military Wallet @ryanguina
40 Million Dollar Journey @frugaltrader
41 Saving Advice @savingadvice
42 Frugal Living NW @FrugalLivingNW
43 Financial Highway @moneyhighway
44 Free Money Finance @FMFblog
45 The Centsible Life @centsiblelife
46 Wealth Pilgrim @nealfrankle
47 Dealicious Mom @DealiciousMom
48 Enemy of Debt @enemyofdebt
49 Springs Bargains @carriei
50 Len Penzo @LenPenzo
51 GoGirl Finance @gogirlfinance
52 Couple Money @elle_CM
53 One Cent At A Time @onlyonecent
54 Three Thrifty Guys @3thriftyguys
55 Barefoot Investor @scottpape
56 Frugal Beautiful @frugalbeautiful
57 Budgeting in the Fun Stuff @bitfs
58 Punch Debt In The Face @punchdebt
59 Cheap Scholar @cheapscholar
60 The Frugal Girl @TheFrugalGirl
61 Living Richly on a Budget @livingrichlynow
62 See Debt Run @seedebtrun
63 All Financial Matters @AFMBlog
64 Personal Dividends @PersonalDiv
65 Debt Free Adventure @mattjabs
66 Making Sense of Cents @senseofcents
67 The Finance Buff @thefinancebuff
68 Sweating The Big Stuff @DanielPacker
69 The Frugal Toad @thefrugaltoad
70 Dual Income No Kids @Dinks_Finance
71 One Smart Dollar @OneSmartDollar
72 Where Does All My Money Go @preetbanerjee
73 Your Finances Simplified @URFinanceSimple
74 Afford Anything @AffordAnything
75 Yes, I Am Cheap @yesiamcheap

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Written on August 15, 2016
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