Privacy at Self
In order to help millions of Americans build credit and reach their financial goals, Self has to collect some customer data. We understand that comes with the responsibility of taking care of that duty.
Read Self's Privacy Policies
Our promise to protect customer data
  • We keep customer data secure with NSA-approved encryption technology.
  • We only collect data necessary for the best credit building experience possible.
  • We will never sell customer data — ever.
What if I want to delete my data?
If you’ve ever created a Self account, chances are we have some of your data. It’s currently securely stored, and we will never sell it.
But if you’re no longer interested in building credit with Self, you can submit a request to delete your data when you log in from this page.
What can’t be deleted
  • Deleting your data won't impact credit reporting. You can't request data deletion in order to remove or update credit reporting.
  • If you have a Self account (like a Credit Builder Account, rent and bills reporting subscription, or Self credit card) we won’t be able to delete your data.
  • Removing the Self app from your device will not delete your data or close any of your open accounts.
  • If you want to submit a data deletion request and do not have a Self login, send us an email.