Introducing Self.

By James Garvey
Published on: 08/24/2019

When you're building credit, who are you doing it for?

Yourself. Your family. Your future.

Good credit can help you:

  • get a car
  • get an apartment
  • get a house
  • get a job
  • save money in interest charges

Many people face this catch-22: it's easier to get credit if you have credit history; but you need credit to build that history. No one should be denied the opportunity to prove themselves solely because they haven’t yet proven themselves.

For four years, it's been our mission to make credit more accessible, to give more people the opportunity to build credit – and for them to save money while doing it!

Along the way we've seen so many of you – our customers – use our product as a stepping stone to achieve your financial goals. Your results inspired and motivated us to find ways to make even more progress.

So today we become Self.

Self Square BlueBG-300x300

Yes, we dropped "Lender" from our name. The new name reminds us who we're doing this for – you, your Self.

Our mission hasn’t changed.

Our passion hasn’t changed.

Our commitment to you hasn’t changed.

As a company name, Self hints at possibilities: the new tools we can – and will – develop to support your financial goals. We’re excited to soon announce a new way to further your credit-building and savings journey. Look for it in the next few weeks.

You can find us at, but if you have bookmarks or see a link to Self Lender, they will still take you to the right place.

We appreciate your trust so far and look forward to growing together.


James Garvey

About the Author

James Garvey is the CEO and co-founder of Self Financial, Inc.

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Written on August 24, 2019
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