Self and SpringFour Partner to Help You Achieve Financial Wellness

By James Garvey
Published on: 11/06/2019

For many of our customers, we understand that working on your credit isn't your only financial goal. That's why we're pleased to announce our new partnership with SpringFour to increase your access to local resources that help with financial wellness and coping with financial hardship.

When building credit with a Self Credit Builder Account or secured credit builder card, your progress can be disrupted if you run into financial difficulty beyond the scope of our products. These difficulties are often made worse if you don't know what your other options are or where to turn for help.

We recognize that you have a strong drive to improve your overall financial situations and work towards goals like savings, owning a home or managing debt, among other things. By providing access to SpringFour’s database of nonprofit resources, our hope is to help you make progress on your credit-building journey, while finding solutions to financial difficulties and improving your overall financial health.

SpringFour's technology could help by connecting you with trusted local, state and national resources. Each resource has been carefully vetted and approved prior to inclusion in their marketplace. With a simple search by zip code, you can find resources in your area – or national resources if local ones aren't available to you – that are willing to help.

"We are excited to bring SpringFour to Self customers because we know that by offering targeted local resources to people when they need financial help, we can help get them back on track with their payments and create opportunities for savings,” said Rochelle Nawrocki Gorey, Co-Founder and CEO, SpringFour.

About the author

James Garvey is the CEO and Co-founder of Self, a fintech startup with a mission to help people build credit and savings, whether they’re establishing credit from scratch or rebuilding after financial hardship. For more info, please visit:

About SpringFour

SpringFour is a Certified B Corporation and social impact FinTech company focused on bringing financial health resources to consumers through innovative call center and direct to consumer applications that are used by the financial services industry. Every year SpringFour's suite of products provide more than 1 million referrals to local resources and financial health solutions that help consumers improve cash flow, payment performance, and financial wellness.

With nationwide coverage and over 11,000 vetted resources, no other company provides the depth and breadth of reliable data and go-to-knowledge for consumers who need help managing cash flow. For more information, visit

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Written on November 6, 2019
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