Self Recognized as FinTech Breakthrough Winner

By James Garvey
Published on: 03/12/2020

I’m proud to share that Self was recently selected as a winner in the “Best Consumer Lending Product” category of the Fintech Breakthrough Awards. These awards recognize the top companies and products in the financial services and technology industry today.

With over 3,750 submissions this year, and less than 100 winners, I feel extremely honored for Self to be recognized, along with some of the most well recognized companies in the finance space such as SoFi, JP Morgan, HSBC and more.

“This past year was incredibly exciting as FinTech companies and solutions are clearly moving out of niche use cases and are beginning to operate at scale, translating into significant time and cost savings, as well as a dramatically superior customer experience for users interacting with these financial institutions and services,” said James Johnson, Managing Director, FinTech Breakthrough.

The explosion and growth of fintechs is helping to revolutionize the banking industry and give power back to consumers.

We’re proud to be a standout in this industry while staying true to our mission of helping people who are often blocked from accessing essential credit products gain access. We look forward to continuing helping you build credit so you can build a strong financial foundation for your future self.

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James Garvey is the CEO and Co-founder of Self, a fintech startup with a mission to help people build credit and savings. For more info, please visit:

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Written on March 12, 2020
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