10 Steps to Building Positive Money Habits for 2024

November 21, 2023
While many Americans make resolutions involving improving their finances, 80% of folks abandon their resolutions by February. So, how can people build positive habits in the long run? Let's look at some steps you can take to improve financial patterns.
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DES-522-6How to Stick to a Budget During the Holidays
October 26, 2023
Just because money is tight, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate and spread holiday cheer with friends and family. Here are some simple ways you can avoid busting your wallet and stick to a budget this season. Read more.
DES-512Financial Planning When You're Juggling Debt
September 19, 2023
Dealing with debt while trying to stay on top of your bills is a lot to juggle, no doubt. The good news is there are ways you can still keep your money goals top of mind while paying off debt. Read more.
DES-505 2-2MoneyTok, Money Influencers: What Advice Is Good Advice?
September 11, 2023
Social media is full of “verified” money gurus. So, how do you separate the legit tips from the duds? Understanding the difference between credible and questionable financial advice requires two separate skills, and we break them both down. Read more.
DES-475Why Building Credit Is Important for the LGBTQ+ Community
August 9, 2023
Building credit is one of the top financial priorities amongst the LGBTQ community. Credit may be even more crucial to this group because major life events, like transitioning and IVF require credit if you cannot pay out of pocket. Read more.
DES-449-2How to Manage Your Money in the Gig Economy
August 4, 2023
When your income goes up and down every month, it might feel like a nearly impossible task to stick to a budget. Here are some pointers on how to budget when you have multiple streams of income. Read more.
DES-336 3Credit Card Terminology: An A-to-Z Guide
May 8, 2023
If terms like "grace period," "authorized user" and "variable interest rate" sound like another language to you, you’re not alone. These terms can be confusing to anyone. That's why we put together this A-to-Z guide for you. Read more.
How Much Is a Phone Bill for One Person Header - 01How Much Is a Phone Bill for One Person?
April 24, 2023
In this post, we go over how much your phone bill should cost, what impacts the price you pay and how you can lower the cost of your cellular plan. Read more.
How to Reduce Your Sewer Bill 6 Simple & Effective Tips Header - 01How to Reduce Your Sewer Bill: 6 Simple & Effective Tips
April 17, 2023
Tips for lowering your sewer bill include: Checking for leaks, not leaving your faucet running, and using energy-efficient fixtures and appliances. Read more.
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