Secured vs Unsecured Credit Cards

Secured vs. Unsecured Credit Cards

September 3, 2021
While a credit card can be a major tool for building credit, you'll want to choose one that best fits your situation. Read on for the main differences between secured and unsecured credit cards to decide which is best for you. Read more.

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How Much Will a Secured Credit Card Help My Credit Score?How Much Will a Secured Credit Card Raise My Score?
August 4, 2021
There's no guarantee that using a secured credit card will improve your credit score. Everything depends on how you use the card and what's already in your unique credit history. Read more.
Benefits of a Secured Credit Card5 Benefits of a Secured Credit Card
August 3, 2021
A secured credit card has many of the same benefits of a regular credit card - but it may be easier to get if you have bad credit or no credit history. Read on to learn about the benefits of a secured credit card. Read more.
Can you rent a car with a secured credit card?Can You Rent a Car with a Secured Credit Card?
August 2, 2021
If you need to rent a car but don't have a credit card, it could be more challenging. Getting a secured credit card could be a good option to make it easier to rent the car while also creating an opportunity to build credit. Read more.
An illustration of a woman standing at the bad credit range of a credit-score meter, reaching for a credit card.How to Get a Credit Card with Bad Credit
June 11, 2021
It’s possible to get a credit card when you have bad credit. You’ll either choose a secured credit card, or what’s known as a subprime credit card. Read this article to make a smart choice and get ready for your card application. Read more.
Illustration of a woman holding a "closed" sign in front of a credit card.How to Safely Close a Credit Card
June 10, 2021
Sometimes it’s smart to close a credit card account. Read on to find out when it makes sense to close that credit card, how it will affect your credit score and a few steps to safely close a credit card. Read more.
An illustration of a glowing percent symbol to represent a good APR on a credit card.What is a Good APR On a Credit Card?
June 9, 2021
The APR, or annual percentage rate, on a credit card matters if you don’t pay your monthly balance in full. In that case, you’ll owe interest on the balance. So the lower the APR the better for your wallet. Read this article to understand more about credit card APRs. Read more.
An illustration of credit cards in concentric circles.Types of Credit Cards
June 8, 2021
There are many types of credit cards, but deciding which one is right for you will depend on your interests and your credit history. Read this article to learn about the different types of cards on the market. Read more.
A colorful illustration of a woman holding an oversized credit card.Does Applying for a Credit Card Hurt Your Credit?
April 29, 2021
Applying for a credit card may hurt your credit score, but most likely just a little and not for long. Depending on the goals you're building toward, however, you may want to think about when you apply for a credit card and how many. Read more.