Establishing Credit

Young man buying with a credit card at a cafe counter. How Security Deposits Work for Secured Credit Cards
December 30, 2019
Learn how a security deposit works for a secured credit card. Read more.
Young couple relaxing on the couch watching TV. Build Credit With Subscriptions
November 21, 2019
Use your favorite monthly subscription and a credit card to build credit. Here's how. Read more.
Two rings on a set of divorce papersRebuilding Credit After Divorce
November 12, 2019
Divorce can do a number on your finances – and your credit. Learn how to help your credit recover. Read more.
Two young women holding a credit card and looking at their laptops. What is APR and Why Does it Matter?
October 3, 2019
APR is often featured in marketing for credit cards and loans - and federally regulated. But what is it and why should you care? Here's how understanding APR could impact you – for better or worse. Read more.
Payment history is a major factor that impacts your credit score. Payment History and How it Impacts Your Credit
September 17, 2019
Payment history is a big factor when it comes to your credit score. Learn how to make your payment history work in your favor. Read more.
Shop owner in front of his merchandiseHow Long Does it Take to Build Business Credit?
September 12, 2019
While business credit scores are based on similar underlying factors, including a strong history of on-time payments, they work a bit differently than personal credit scores. If you want to build business credit, follow these steps to get started. Read more.
Mom and daughter applying for a loanWhat is a Cosigner?
September 10, 2019
Have bad credit or no credit and need a loan to buy something? Learn how using a cosigner could help. Read more.
Hands exchanging a credit cardCan Undocumented Immigrants Build Credit?
August 27, 2019
Without a Social Security Number, it can be difficult to get credit. But not impossible. Learn how to establish credit without an SSN. Read more.