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man holding credit card and mobile phone with the self logo in foreground. What to Know About Self’s Unsecured Credit Limit Increase
February 9, 2021
Here's the lowdown on Self's unsecured credit limit increase, including who can get it, and how it could help you build credit. Read more.
Group of people wearing bright colors with laptops and tablets on a bench. Self Financial Scholarship Award Winners 2020
October 1, 2020
Congratulations to this year's Self Financial scholarship award winners! Read more.
Here's how Karthic built credit as a new immigrant to the U.S. How Self Employee Karthic Built Credit as a New Immigrant
September 10, 2020
Here's how Karthic built credit from scratch as a new immigrant to the U.S. Read more.
Self Employee Jorge V. on the set while telling his story about building credit. How Immigrant and Self Employee Jorge Built Credit From Scratch to Get to Work (Literally).
August 27, 2020
Learn how Jorge V. built credit history from scratch using Self. Read more.
Snapshot of the Self app on a mobile phoneEverything You Need to Know About Your Self Credit Builder Account Payout
August 14, 2020
Whether you’re thinking about opening a Self Credit Builder Account or you’re getting to the end of your term, this guide explains everything you need to know about your Self payout. Read more.
David C. shares about building his credit. Building Credit with Gamer & YouTuber David C.
July 21, 2020
For YouTuber David C., the solution was simple, though not easy. "You can't buy your way to good credit," he says. Learn how he transformed his credit. Read more.
Destney J. built her credit from scratch with Self. Building Credit From Scratch with College Student Destney J.
July 9, 2020
Have trouble gaining access to credit for the first time? You're not alone. Learn how Destney overcame that same problem and worked her way to good credit. Read more.
Stevie Boi is an American fashion designer and entrepreneur who built his credit to build his business. How Entrepreneur Stevie Boi Built His Credit to Launch His Business
June 23, 2020
See how entrepreneur Stevie Boi built his credit to launch his empire. Read more.