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APR vs. APY What Are The Differences - Header 1APR vs. APY: What Are The Differences?
April 19, 2022
APR is the amount of interest you owe, while APY is the amount of interest you earn. We'll explain the key differences and how they are used and calculated. Read more.
Credit Report Example How To Read & Understand Yours - header 1Credit Report Example: How To Read and Understand Yours
April 11, 2022
This article will show you a credit report example, so you know what to look for and understand the information presented there. Read more.
How Long Should You Keep Your Credit Card Statements Header - 01How Long Should You Keep Your Credit Card Statements?
March 29, 2022
You may be considering disposing of all your credit card statements, but we'll explain how long to keep credit card statements and the reasons why you should. Read more.
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Fees Header - 01Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Fees: What They Are and How to Avoid Them
March 23, 2022
An NSF fee, also known as an insufficient funds fee, is a common bank fee that often catches people by surprise. We'll explain how to avoid paying them. Read more.
Credit Report Dispute Form Header - 01FCRA Section 604 vs. 609: Which Supports Your Dispute Letter?
March 22, 2022
Sections 604 and 609 of the FCRA have similar numbers and refer to consumer reports and/or disclosures. Section 609 supports a dispute letter. Read more.
Credit hack - header 110 Easy Credit Hacks To Help You Lift Your Score
March 14, 2022
If your credit score still has some room to grow, you can use these 10 credit hacks to get it into better shape in just a short time. Here's how to start. Read more.
How old do you have to be to open a bank account headerHow Old Do You Have to be to Open a Bank Account?
March 1, 2022
The age requirement to open a bank account is 18 years old. Anyone under 18 needs a legal guardian to open a joint account. Read more.
Can You Reopen a Closed Credit Card Account Header - 01Can You Reopen a Closed Credit Card Account?
March 1, 2022
Can you reopen a closed credit card? This article will explain the reasons why your account might have closed and provide you with steps to try and reopen it. Read more.
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