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Why Dave Ramsey Doesn’t Work for Everyone

May 9, 2019

If you tried and failed with Dave Ramsey, don't be too hard on yourself. Personal finance is personal, after all. Let’s look at some of the best parts of Dave Ramsey’s money strategies, where they make sense and who might want to follow a different path. Read more.

Credit Building vs. Credit Repair: What You Need to Know

May 8, 2019

Here’s what to know about the differences between credit building and credit repair, and how to ensure you make the right moves to improve your credit. Read more.

How Credit Card Companies can Garnish Wages (and What to do About it)

May 7, 2019

Not only do delinquent credit card payments negatively impact your credit score, they could impact your paycheck. Here's how. Read more.

How Closed Accounts Impact Your Credit Report

May 2, 2019

Closing a credit card account or loan account is a complex decision. Before you close any account, make sure to understand how it will influence your credit score going forward. Here’s a rundown to help you out. Read more.

Budgeting for Newlyweds + Printables to Help Manage Your Joint Finances

May 2, 2019

Married life means big changes to your budget. These budgeting printables for newlyweds will help you manage your joint finances and build a future you love. Read more.

What’s a Certificate of Deposit? And What it Means at Self

May 1, 2019

In this guide, we’ll take you in depth into what exactly a CD is, the difference between a CD and a regular savings account, how the CD at Self is a little different, and how you can use these unique tools to help build credit. Read more.

Everything You Need to Know About Credit Inquiries

April 30, 2019

Learn what the different types of credit inquiries mean and the impact they could have on your credit score. Read more.

Do Insurance Quotes Affect Your Credit Score?

April 25, 2019

Learn the ins-and-outs of shopping for insurance quotes and the role your credit plays in your search. Read more.