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Trading in a Car with a LoanTrading in a Car with a Loan
July 14, 2023
If you're considering trading in a car with a loan balance still outstanding, here's what you need to know first to make sure you protect your finances and credit. Read more.
DES-423 3Venus Retrograde in 2023: The Dos and Don'ts for Your Financial Well Being
June 26, 2023
Venus retrograde means the planet of money and security isn’t working at its full potential, as it is slowing down so we can revisit what needs to be reevaluated. This is the time to retrace your steps when it comes to your financial well being. Read more.
Self what is a secured credit cardWhat Is a Secured Credit Card and How Does It Work?
June 12, 2023
A secured credit card is a type of financing that requires a cash deposit, but how exactly does it work? And could a secured credit card be right for you? Read more.
What Credit Score Do You Need to Lease a Car Header - 01What Credit Score Do You Need to Lease a Car?
June 5, 2023
There’s no specific minimum credit score requirement to lease a car. Your approval requirements can vary from dealership to dealership. Read more.
DES-401 3Here's What to Add to Your Summer Financial Bucket List
May 25, 2023
While summer is the season to have fun and relax, you should still be smart about what you're doing with your money. Here are seven financial housekeeping tips to keep in mind this summer. Read more.
Does Breaking a Lease Hurt Your Credit Header - 01Does Breaking a Lease Hurt Your Credit?
May 22, 2023
If you satisfy the terms of your lease, breaking it won’t affect your credit unless unpaid rent is reported to the credit bureaus or sent to collections. Read more.
What Is a Guarantor on a Lease Header - 01What Is a Guarantor on a Lease?
May 15, 2023
We focus on how having a lease guarantor works, how to find a good guarantor and how to rent without one, even if you have a limited credit history. Read more.
DES-336 3Credit Card Terminology: An A-to-Z Guide
May 8, 2023
If terms like "grace period," "authorized user" and "variable interest rate" sound like another language to you, you’re not alone. These terms can be confusing to anyone. That's why we put together this A-to-Z guide for you. Read more.