What are the consequences of defaulting on a car loan?Consequences of Defaulting on a Car Loan
August 9, 2021
Since defaulting on a car loan can have severe consequences, it’s best to avoid it. Read on to learn some options to avoid reaching default, and what happens if you can’t avoid it. Read more.
What Debt to Pay Off FirstWhat Debt Should You Pay Off First to Raise Your Credit Score?
July 26, 2021
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What happens to debt if you go to jail Header-01What Happens to Debt When You Go to Jail?
July 22, 2021
Going to jail is a difficult enough experience on its own, without the financial and credit trouble it also can bring. You can avoid making a rough situation rougher by taking care of your finances beforehand if possible. Read more.
Debt settlement letter Header-01How to Write a Debt Settlement Letter + [Template]
July 20, 2021
Settling a debt with a creditor may be a better option than letting it linger on your credit report. Read this article to learn how to do it and use a free debt settlement letter template. Read more.
How to remove a judgment from credit Header-01How to Remove a Judgment from Your Credit Report
June 24, 2021
If a debt collector has won a court case against you over unpaid debt and the civil judgment appears on your credit report, you might be able to remove it. Read this article to learn how. Read more.
How to write a pay for delete letter Header-01How to Write a Pay for Delete Letter
June 23, 2021
Someone with a debt in collections can write a pay for delete letter to a collection agency to negotiate getting an item removed from credit reports in exchange for paying off the debt. Learn how it works in this article. Read more.
How to clean up credit header 1How To Clean Up Your Credit in 5 Steps
May 24, 2021
It can seem overwhelming when you think about getting your credit back in shape, but there are two major actions you can take to do it: check your credit reports for errors to fix, and pay down debts. Read more.
A colorful illustration of a man in a car looking at his watch. There is a dollar-sign medallion hanging from the rearview mirror.Pros and Cons of Paying Off Your Car Loan Early
May 14, 2021
You're working toward becoming debt free and saving some money on interest. Should you pay off your car loan early? Here are some pros and cons about paying off your auto loan ahead of time. Read more.