Credit Report

Length of credit history is a major factor that impacts your credit score. What's a Good Length of Credit History?
June 2, 2020
How long you've been using credit impacts your credit score. Learn how, why, and what to do about it in this post. Read more.
An image of a semi-transparent woman on a park bench in a city.Do You Have Insufficient Credit History?
April 27, 2020
The word "insufficient" gets thrown around a lot in finance. Here's what it means when it comes to your credit. Read more.
high rise buildings What Does a Credit Bureau Do and Why?
February 13, 2020
What are credit bureaus, what data do they collect on you and how do they use it? Get the answers here. Read more.
Older man looking over his credit reportHow Often Do Credit Reports Update?
February 11, 2020
You made payments on a loan or credit card and you want to see it reflected on your credit score ASAP. For the most part, patience is required. Read this article to learn how often credit reports are updated. Read more.
Close up of a credit reportThe Difference Between Hard and Soft Credit Inquiries
October 21, 2019
The main difference between hard and soft inquiries is how they impact your credit score. Learn the difference between these and what to watch out for. Read more.
Payment history is a major factor that impacts your credit score. Payment History and How it Impacts Your Credit
September 17, 2019
Payment history is a big factor when it comes to your credit score. Learn how to make your payment history work in your favor. Read more.
Mom and daughter applying for a loanWhat is a Cosigner?
September 10, 2019
Have bad credit or no credit and need a loan to buy something? Learn how using a cosigner could help. Read more.
Credit card held together by safety pinHow to Avoid Credit Repair Scams
July 23, 2019
Fraud artists often play on people in desperate situations. Learn what to watch out for when it comes to credit repair scams, so you don't fall victim. Read more.