Credit Report

220930 HowtoAvoidPayingInterestCreditCards@72How To Avoid Paying Interest on Credit Cards
October 7, 2022
In this post, we discuss how to avoid paying interest on credit cards with information on how credit card interest works, so you aren't caught off guard. Read more.
220930 HowtoPayCreditCardBillIncreaseCreditScore@72How to Pay Your Credit Card Bill to Increase Your Credit Score
October 6, 2022
If you’re willing to jump through a few extra hoops and perhaps pay your bill early, there’s a chance your credit score might improve from the effort. Read more.
220930 HowtoRiaseCreditScore200Points1@72How to Raise Your Credit Score by 200 Points
October 6, 2022
If you’re unhappy with your current credit score, you can take actions to try to improve it. You might even be able to raise your credit score by 200 points or more with the right plan. Read more.
What Is Credit Restoration and Is It Worth It Header - 01What Is Credit Restoration and Is It Worth It?
October 2, 2022
Credit restoration helps fix errors on your credit report to improve your credit score. This article helps you evaluate your options to fix your credit. Read more.
Soft Credit Inquiry vs. Hard Credit Inquiry Header - 01Soft Credit Inquiry vs. Hard Credit Inquiry
September 28, 2022
A hard credit inquiry occurs when you apply for a loan or credit card and may affect your credit score, while a soft credit inquiry won't affect it at all. Read more.
payment-historyHow Payment History Impacts Your Credit Score
September 21, 2022
This article helps you understand how to improve payment history on a credit report so that you have the best chance of improving your score. Read more.
850-credit-score-2How to Get an 850 Credit Score
September 6, 2022
Although you can achieve an 850 credit score, you don’t need an 850 to have excellent credit. This post explains how to build a great credit score. Read more.
How To Build Credit Without a Credit Card Header - 01How To Build Credit Without a Credit Card
August 24, 2022
Building credit can take up to six months after an active account is opened. We'll explain the six ways to build credit without a credit card. Read more.