Credit Report

payment-historyHow Payment History Impacts Your Credit Score
September 21, 2022
This article helps you understand how to improve payment history on a credit report so that you have the best chance of improving your score. Read more.
850-credit-score-2How to Get an 850 Credit Score
September 6, 2022
Although you can achieve an 850 credit score, you don’t need an 850 to have excellent credit. This post explains how to build a great credit score. Read more.
How To Build Credit Without a Credit Card Header - 01How To Build Credit Without a Credit Card
August 24, 2022
Building credit can take up to six months after an active account is opened. We'll explain the six ways to build credit without a credit card. Read more.
How to Add Bills to Your Credit ReportWhat is a Convenience Fee and How to Avoid It
August 18, 2022
Convenience fees on your credit card can pop up unexpectedly and add up over time — here’s how to avoid paying all types of convenience fees. Read more.
What Is a Non-Transaction Account Header - 01What Is a Non-Transaction Account?
July 20, 2022
A non-transaction account, also known as a non-payment account, is a bank or credit union account that is not designed to handle frequent transactions. Read more.
How To Avoid Paying Interest on Credit Cards Header - 01How to Avoid Paying Interest on Credit Cards
July 14, 2022
Paying off your balances in full each month is the best way to avoid credit card interest. Here are a few ways to prevent interest from accumulating. Read more.
combining-finances-blog-postHow to Begin the Process of Combining Finances
July 12, 2022
We reached out to three relationship and money experts to gather tips on the best ways to combine finances with someone you love. Read more.
DIY Credit Repair 11 Steps to Help Fix Your Credit Header - 01DIY Credit Repair: 11 Steps to Help Fix Your Credit
June 21, 2022
If you need to fix your credit, DIY credit repair is something you may be able to accomplish for free — no credit repair company is required. Here's how. Read more.